Stewardship campaign: My heart’s full – March 3, 2019


We have just a couple of weeks left in our six-week stewardship campaign and commitment cards continue to come in to support the budget passed at the annual Vestry meeting a month ago.

You may place these on the collection plate, where they will be blessed along with the other monetary gifts to the church. Please have all of them in by Sunday, March 17.

We have chosen the theme of Gratitude for this campaign. We are grateful for the ministries that you offer and the financial support you give to your church. And we are grateful to God for the many gifts he has given us. The operations of this church are an expression of our love and service to our God.

Today we hear from Deb Adams about what she appreciates about Ascension:

Emmanuel Huybrechts/Flickr

Deb Adams, member, Church of the Ascension

I’ve been a member of Ascension for six or seven years now, and if we haven’t met, you must be new, so welcome to Church of the Ascension.

My Anglican journey started many years ago when Sundays were a day of rest and we all joined together to worship. We actually wore our Sunday best to church. That’s where we began our foundation in faith. fellowship and serving. We learned the 10 Commandments, Lord’s Prayers, Apostles’ Creed, the whole stand-up, sit-down, kneel, stand to sing. And we learned of service to God, our neighbours and our community.

Like many, I strayed from the church after my confirmation — you know, jobs and all that. I went here and there; I went to a couple of different churches, on and off again. But my life took a big turn, and I landed here with my mother and my two brothers. I needed a lot of healing and where better to start that than with my faith, which has always given me strength.

Wow, the things I found when I got here! Woo-hoo! The amazing music of Mark Payne, so inspiring, the holiday choirs, the Quartet. I’ve always found that music was healing and uplifting. And so I got involved. So I’m grateful for all of you who take part to make a joyful noise here at Ascension and in my heart.

Then I listened to the spirited and often thought-provoking preaching of Rev. June, Rev. Jim, Fr. Bruce and Rev. Anne. You all regularly touch on topics and Scripture that hit home for me. I’ve found conversations always bring a smile and some thought. So I’m grateful for all of you. And I appreciate we open our doors and hearts to so many students and bring them along as well.

Then Vic Storey, bless his soul, he searched me out and invited me to join the group that serve at the altar because it was getting to be a bit much for him. So now I’m part of a great team and I’m particularly grateful for the families with their young people who have come up and served with us, and it gives me a chance to guide and encourage them, as Vic and Jerry Prosser and the others have done for me.

I could go on with every single person in this congregation, because everyone has a part in this wonderful family. Some small parts, some greater. Some leaders, some followers and assistants, who help in every way they can. I’ve reunited with old friends and made so many wonderful new friends here at Ascension.

Our outreach to the neighbourhood and the community like the breakfast — Karen and John have that in hand. And if you ever want to come out and feel the good feeling of sharing and giving to the community around us, you’ll have a good time, guaranteed. We have the Friendship Committee for the seniors, we do things like collecting for the food bank needs, we’ve got the Undie Sunday, the winter wear for those in need and schools, baby blankets from the Quilters for single mothers, the ACW doing what Anglican church women do so well — spreading God’s love and caring. Now we got Deidre and Linda, and Cecil before them, teaching our precious young ones, the faithful of tomorrow. We have craft shows and the concerts and the groups that use our facility. Those who step up to serve on council, the Executive, the A-V guys who make it so easy to follow along in the service.

To all of us who share the joy of belonging to a loving, caring community of faith, it shows.

After a busy week of being God’s hands in the broken world around us and trying to make a difference, I come to this place and see these smiles on the faces of you all, all you wonderful people of faith, as we worship. That’s my reset button and returns me to balance. My heart’s full.

And for all of this and so much more, I’m truly grateful.

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