Music at Ascension’s 10 a.m. Sunday church service is a unique blend of a contemporary style along with some traditional hymns set in an updated style.

Our Music Director

Alex Baerg is a singer, guitar player, and pianist from London, Ontario. He graduated from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology in 2011 with honours and distinction, and has since gone on to open his own recording studio in London called Studio B  Music Services. He has been playing contemporary and traditional church music at various churches since 2009. As a musician he’s played venues in Stratford, Niagara, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Victoria Playhouse Petrolia and more, and is happy to be here at Ascension and a part of this beautiful community!

Other Musicians

Phil Pentecost, guitarist and keyboard player

Heather Bailey on flute

The Choir

music - choir

The choir’s work is condensed and thereby strengthened into preparing for the two main seasons in the church year – Christmas and Easter. These short-term undertakings have allowed a much larger group of church members to make the commitment to deeper music ministry.

The Quartet


Four voices do an occasional anthem at special times of the year.