Stewardship Campaign: A Sense of Community – Feb. 24, 2019


We continue today with our stewardship campaign in support of the budget passed at the annual Vestry meeting earlier this month.

We are asking for Commitment Cards to be returned by Sunday, March 17.They may be placed on the collection plate so that they can be blessed along with the other monetary gifts to the church.

We are asking that you fill out the total amount that you wish to give, not just the increase. Those who give by envelopes would likely check the “per week” box. Those who are on pre-authorized givings would check the “per month” box.

If you would like to change your pre-authorized givings, you can go to our church’s website and click the box on the right-hand side that mentions pre-authorized givings. You’ll be taken to instructions on how to make that change.

And if you would like to begin pre-authorized givings, please speak to our treasurer, Bill McKinstry, and he will help you through the process for arranging that with the Diocese.

As you probably know by now, the theme of this campaign is Gratitude. We are grateful for the ministries that you offer and the financial support you give to your church. And we are grateful to God for the many gifts he has given us. The operations of this church are an expression of our love and service to our God.

In that vein, we have asked some people to speak to us about why they are grateful that Ascension exists. Today, we’ll hear from John Cuddie.

John Cuddie, member, Church of the Ascension

Just over five years ago, Michelle Roberts, whom I worked with at the time, sold me a ticket to a Mark Payne concert. Mark was (and still is) amazing, but I also liked all the accessible parking and the accessible washroom. OK, some of us get excited about weird things.

So a few months later when I was looking for a new church, I came to try Church of the Ascension. I remember Donna Thompson coming right over to say hello and my life at Church of the Ascension began.

June talked last week about community.

Definition of community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

I am truly grateful for the sense of community I feel at this church.

As I look around the Sanctuary, I see so many friends in this community.

  • Betty White keeps my attendance records and approves any vacation.
  • I expressed an interest in Malta, and Joe and Kay Ellul brought me information about Malta. They are my travel agents.
  • Nancy, Jasmin, Brian, Steve, Lenora, and Karen are a few of many Community Breakfast friends.
  • Gwen and Sandra are my theatre critics.
  • Mary Holmes once gave me such a big hug we almost ended up on the ground.
  • Marg Trussler was looking for a walker and I lent her one of mine to test-drive.
  • And there’s the ongoing sparring between JW and JC — John White and John Cuddie.

I could go one, but I think you can feel my deep gratitude for this wonderful community.

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