Land Sale: Please Contact Your City Councillor

The proposal to sell the back portion of Church of the Ascension’s property for much-needed housing has hit a significant roadblock with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. We are seeking the community’s assistance in moving this forward.

Please use this letter template to contact the city councillor in your ward. It does not matter if your ward is not in the area of the Church of the Ascension. The more councillors we can reach, the better.

Here is a list of councillors’ names, contact information, and a ward map (in case you’re not sure which ward you are in). Although email addresses are provided here, it is best to send the letter by mail to make sure it is noticed. The mailing address for all councillors is:

City of London
300 Dufferin Avenue
PO Box 5035
London, ON
N6A 4L9

Ward 1 Councillor Hadleigh McAlister,

Ward 2 Councillor Shawn Lewis,

Ward 3 Councillor Peter Cuddy,

Ward 4 Councillor Susan Stevenson,

Ward 5 Councillor Jerry Pribil,

Ward 6 Councillor Sam Trosow,

Ward 7 Councillor Corinne Rahman,

Ward 8 Councillor Steve Lehman,

Ward 9 Councillor Anna Hopkins,

Ward 10 Councillor Paul Van Meerbergen,

Ward 11 Councillor Skylar Franke,

Ward 12 Councillor Elizabeth Peloza,

Ward 13 Councillor David Ferreira,

Ward 14 Councillor Steven Hillier,

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