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The CD is available for $15 each and can be ordered by emailing Philip Templeton at philiptempleton611@gmail.com with your name, address and phone number.

Song samples

And So It Goes:

You Raise Me Up:

Prayer of the Children:

By Philip Templeton

A popular men’s singing group at Church of the Ascension, London, has released a CD of its a cappella stylings called How Can I Keep From Singing.

Simply called the Quartet, the group was formed about a year ago when Ascension music director Mark Payne and parishioner Phil Pentecost started talking about singing some anthems during the 10 a.m. service. They approached Phil’s son Chris Pentecost and Russ Braley about joining in.

Mark, who has music degree, is a vocal coach and accompanist for many students at Western University as well as the music director for Victoria Playhouse in Petrolia.

For Chris, Russ and Phil, music is a hobby. Phil is a self-taught musician and has performed in and staged musicals and variety shows for many years in London as well as lending his talent as a backup musician during worship at Ascension.  Chris, who plays drums during the 10 a.m. services at Ascension, has performed with the men’s Amabile choir in London. Russ Braley says he’s a “music lover” and although he has no formal training, learned “a few guitar chords and played and sang in a previous parish.”

They all enjoy singing and performing and have found a purpose in working together.

The majority of the Quartet’s music to date has been a cappella or with minimal instrumentation. They perform regularly, if not weekly, during the 10 a.m. Sunday service at Ascension.

According to Russ, the Quartet’s “core purpose is to contribute to the worship of Church of the Ascension as part of the various types of music available in this multi-talented parish.” He hopes the Quartet will continue to contribute to the musical life of the parish, and to participate in other opportunities to perform in the future.

The group’s long-term goals include a possible Christmas CD and singing more challenging music.

Their first (so far) CD was recorded over several sessions in the sanctuary at Ascension. They had a great time working together toward a common goal of providing great music for all to enjoy. The 10 songs range from popular music to Latin church music.

The CD is available for $15 each. CDs can be ordered by emailing Philip Templeton at philiptempleton611@gmail.com with your name, address and phone number.