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The Ten Commandments…and the Greatest Commandment

Below is the text from the reflection that was presented on Sunday, March 11th. Some of this was an ad-lib but I tried to stay as close as possible to these concepts. Ten Commandments given to the ancient Israelite people. … Continue reading

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Tough Times

At a recent meeting there was a short discussion about how life can sometimes make you doubt your faith. This is fairly common and can happen multiple times in a person’s life for a multitude of different reasons. My personal … Continue reading

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Love for Thy Gifts

My parents normally complain around this time of year about me. See I have this well, “unique” outlook on presents. I ALWAYS love them all, even if it’s that pink pair of socks my grandmother gave me, even though I … Continue reading

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Cecil on forgiveness

From what I understood, Reverend June’s reflection on September 4th talked about trying to forgive and deal with people who you feel have wronged you. I have to admit that I follow the Biblically prescribed pattern far less often than … Continue reading

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