How this church runs

A collaboration of staff and volunteers keep Church of the Ascension running.


The Rector has day-to-day supervisory responsibility for the church and are our liaison with the bishops of the Anglican Diocese of Huron. For biography, see the Clergy page.

Church Office

Our church office is weekday mornings. The secretary works Wednesday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Voice mail is available 24/7 for you to leave messages.

Annual Vestry Meeting

Ascension has its Annual Vestry Meeting (similar to an annual general meeting)  following worship services on a Sunday in late January or early February. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting, however, only members of Vestry are able to vote on issues. Members of Vestry are required to have attended Ascension regularly for three months, be regular contributors financially and actively, and be at least 16 years of age. Along with discussing and voting on church matters, these meetings include appointments and elections for various positions within the church.

Executive Team (including Wardens and Deputy Wardens)

The Executive Team is composed of the Rector, Wardens and Deputy Wardens who are appointed by the Rector or elected by Vestry members. They are responsible for the Church and all that happens within it. The Executive Team meets monthly in private to handle a number of issues, including financial and legal matters. The Wardens make announcements on Sunday mornings.

Parish Council

Parish Council is composed of the Executive Team, Lay (non-clergy) Delegates to the Diocese of Huron Synod (parliament), Alternate Lay Delegates, and other lay people in the church. Some are elected by the members; others are appointed by the rector during the Annual Vestry Meeting. Parish Council meets monthly from September to June to discuss and vote on issues, hear reports and implement ideas. These meetings are open to anyone.

The officers elected and appointed at the Annual Vestry Meeting for 2015 are:

  • Wardens: People’s Warden (elected) Russ Braley (property), Rector’s Warden (appointed) Mary Grant (finance and human resources), Deputy People’s Warden (elected) Sandra Coulson (strategic planning, with special emphasis on stewardship/capital campaign and communications plan), Deputy Rector’s Warden (appointed) Deb Adams (stewardship/communications/property)
  • Parish Council: Elected – Gerry Flynn, Brian Hunter, Janice Newcombe, Mike Power; Appointed – Audrey Bullerwell, John Cuddie, Phil Pentecost, Marilyn Youell
  • Lay Delegates to Synod (elected): Linda Braley, Christine Brush
  • Alternative Lay Delegate to Synod (elected): Donna Reid, Donna Thompson
  • Treasurer (appointed by Executive Team): Bill McKinstry

You may also contact the office if you wish to speak to any member of our Clergy, Executive Team, or Parish Council by calling  519-451-7780.