2018 Budget

It is a new year. Everything is reset to zero and it is time to move forward to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie before us.

These pies are to scale and yes it shows a lower income in 2018 than 2017. But how we get there is the key factor.

This slide shows how dependent we are on the generosity of our parishioners. In both 2017 and 2018, you accounted for over 85% of our total income.

There are two significant changes from 2017. The first is Organizations (down 30%) and specifically musical fund raising events.

The volunteers and performers get tired out and need some recuperation time.

The second is Capital Income which had a big initial push in 2017 and the income for 2018 is based on pledge amount for this year.

This slide shows the same information, just in a different format.

The challenge is to increase our envelope and loose offerings by $16,640 over 2017 to offset the reduction in Capital offerings and organization’s contribution.

There will be a little more on income later but for now are there any questions on Income?

What is missing from this slide?

Does it show anywhere that we spend money on Ministry?


The fact is, most of our expenses are what is known as “Fixed”.

For example:

Say we stopped programs such as Euchre, Shades of Harmony, Food Addicts and Kid Learning Center thinking that money would be saved on utilities, lighting, heating/cooling and such.

Yes, some money would be saved but it would be almost negligible. The facility is using utilities 24/7, regardless to whether there are groups in the building or not. That is where the FIXED term comes from.

And these groups pay us and they pay us way more than the extra utilities cost saving we would have if there weren’t here.

Take a second and think of just how many expenses are fixed.

Personnel and HBM account for 75% of our expenditures and when the mortgage is included that figure rises to 82%

There does not appear to be any cost saving initiative that would positively and significantly impact the bottom line.

The quality of your experience at Church of the Ascension is hugely dependent on the quality, experience and knowledge of the staff and assistants.

Yes, personnel costs are high, but my opinion is we are blessed with very talented and committed people who do so much to make this place our home.

Housing, Buildings and Ministry, that’s quite a mouthful.

Now this is where the “Ministry Expenses” should show up. Things like Sunday School, music ministry, community programs, worship programs and Rector’s programmes.

You might be able to find $1,000 for that purpose in this budget.

The community breakfast is self supporting from outside donations, the seniors’ afternoons are financially self sufficient, as are the quilters.

AV, Chancel Guild and Community Breakfast all receive donation throughout the year that they get to spend as they see fit, but at the end of the year, anything left over goes into our General Fund.

The HBM group is full of “Fixed Cost” items with no significant cost savings apparent.

I am not sure whether we have presented monthly income/expense data in previous years.

In 2018, 9 of the 12 months are budgeted to have income exceed expenses.

Six of those months are very close and it wouldn’t take much of a drop in income or increase in expenses to change from a positive month to a negative month.

Except for the 4 Special months, Jan Roof Payment, May and June Pledge anniversary annual payments and Dec Trust Fund inc, the income expense amounts are fairly consistent is dollar value throughout the year.

What would bring joy to my heart is to see the green section double in size at sometime this year. The sooner the better!

I am speaking of course about pre Authorized Payments. These payments give us a reliable source of income that we can use to plan our payments. But as it stands now, there is so much of the income each month that is uncertain and that makes planning uncertain.

You will hear more about PAP soon and I urge you to consider making the move to pre-Authorized giving.


Consistent, Consistent, Consistent, and there is very little we can do to change our expenses.

So our objective is to increase offerings from members of the congregation and visitors to fund our requirements in the coming year.

Thank you for your attention