COVID-19 Update

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Diocese of Huron has removed all COVID restrictions as of June 2022. Each parish can now decide for themselves what restrictions are needed.

At Ascension, we are strongly encouraging everyone to remain masked while in the building, for the the benefit of your health and that of your neighbours. Worship leaders will continue to mask except when performing their function. This is especially important if you have symptoms such as cough or cold. We also strongly encourage everyone to get any vaccine that you are eligible for. Doing these two things will help everyone to stay as healthy as possible. We ask that you not comment on whether or not others choose to mask or not. This change is in place for the summer months; if there is a surge of disease in the fall, restrictions may be reinstated.

Coffee hour will be starting as soon as we have sufficient volunteers to run it. If you would like to help out with coffee hour, please contact Mary Grant.

Groups using the church may make their own decisions regarding what restrictions work for them.

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