Annual Vestry Meeting, Feb. 14, 2021

Dear Ascension Parishioners

Like almost everything else during this COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Annual Vestry Meeting for Church of the Ascension will have to be conducted differently. The changes are made with the permission or direction of the Diocese of Huron.

The three formal announcements of the meeting will be made during the worship services that are live-streamed on YouTube on Sundays at 10 a.m.


The meeting will be held on Sunday, Feb. 14, at 11 a.m.

How to Attend

Because the Executive Team doubts we will be able to hold in-person meetings by then, the meeting will be held on Zoom, with special arrangements for those who cannot use Zoom.

The Zoom invitation to attend was sent out by email or letter to all registered members of Ascension on Tuesday, Jan. 9, and will be sent by email again on Friday, Feb. 12.

Those who cannot use Zoom can use what is known as the Phone Buddy System, which is explained next.

The Phone Buddy System

The Phone Buddy System has been used at Parish Council meetings for those who can’t use Zoom and seems to work well.

Someone who attends by Zoom takes a phone call from someone who cannot use Zoom. The Zoom user sets their phone beside their computer or tablet and sets it to speaker mode so that the person on the phone can hear the proceedings and be heard if they wish to speak. (It may be necessary for the Zoom user to alert the chair that the phone caller wishes to speak.)

To make this work, we need to know:

• Who cannot use Zoom but would like to attend by phone

• Who among the Zoom users is willing to host a phone call from a non-Zoom user.

For either, contact Mary Grant, who will act as the Phone Buddy Matchmaker, at 519-268-8509 or

Voting at Vestry

Arrangements will be made during the meeting to give everyone an opportunity to vote on matters.

Vestry Reports

The 2020 Vestry Report will be sent by email to all those for whom the church has an email.

If you don’t have email, or would prefer a printed copy, contact the office at 519-451-7780 or by Monday, Feb. 1. As printing is expensive and there is some risk in delivering print copies, we ask that as many as possible use the emailed copy.


Rev. Canon June Hough

Churchwarden Russ Braley and Mary Grant

Deputy Churchwarden Sandra Coulson and Steve Holmes

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