Opportunities for ministry – March 24, 2018

We continue this week looking at great ministry opportunities at this church, with spotlight on some of them.

Whatever opportunity you might choose to, we can assure you:

  • It will be interesting work
  • You will be helping to make your church a better place
  • You may even learn something new

This week, we look at what is referred to in the Marks of Mission as “Transforming Society”.

There is a call in the Gospels to share with God in the creation of a more just and peaceful world. Sometimes that means interacting with the political system because so much of the work of reducing poverty and addressing injustices and inequity in society are in the hands of our elected representatives. They are ultimately answerable to the people, and that includes us as people of faith with a vision of hope for God’s love working in a broken world.

At this church, we have often organized all-candidates meetings for the public. While the floor is open to any questions, we take the opportunity to raise issues such as poverty reduction. We do have a provincial election coming up on June 7. We already have one person from this church plus a couple from Good News Christian Reformed Church on Clarke Road who want to work on this. So there’s already a core of people; we just need some more helpers. Do you have a passion for social justice and the impact of political action?

Where do you feel God is calling you to share your gifts in ministry? For these and any other ideas, contact any member of the Executive Team: Rev. June, Russ Braley, Mary Grant, Sandra Coulson, or Bill McKinstry.

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