Opportunities for ministry – April 1, 2018

This is the final week of our series of announcements about the great ministry opportunities at Ascension. As we’ve said all along:

Whatever opportunity you might choose, we can assure you:

  • It will be interesting work
  • You will be helping to make your church a better place
  • You may even learn something new

There is one last area we want to look at in more detail:

Good news is worth sharing. I’m in the bad news business, but even I know this is true. So what can we say about the wonderful things going on and the new opportunities we are exploring at this church in the name of God? How can we get the word out, especially to broaden our appeal?

There are so many opportunities in this particular ministry that it will take several people working together to use all the tools and channels that are already in our hands.

We have print – a medium that is still very relevant.

We have digital – which is reaching new and targeted audiences (which can be done in an ethical way and not like Cambridge Analytica, I might add).

And we have people – the oldest and actually still the most effective means of communications.

The key is to train ourselves to use each of these effectively and with a heart for sharing and communicating with others where they are and as they are. Two new projects will grow out of this:

  • a communications/ PR committee and
  • training in sensitive evangelism, which will probably be good for everyone in case they’re ever put on the spot to explain their faith, but especially for those who have a gift for this ministry.

We’ve talked about financial ministries, the new Christian Education Committee, and organizing an all-candidates meeting. Out in the Gathering Space, there are a couple of posters about other ministry opportunities, including Deputy Rector’s Warden, evangelism training, and a new Kitchen Care Committee. We’ve had some people step forward to answer this call to ministry, which is one of the reasons we’re having a special vestry meeting today.

Where do you feel God is calling you to share your gifts in ministry? For these and any other ideas, contact any member of the Executive Team: Rev. June, Russ Braley, Mary Grant, Sandra Coulson, or Bill McKinstry.

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