Opportunities for ministry – March 18, 2018

We have many great ministry opportunities at this church, and this week we continue putting the spotlight on some of them.

Whatever the opportunity, we can assure you:

  • It will be interesting work
  • You will be helping to make your church a better place
  • You may even learn something new

This week, we look at discipleship.

London, Canada West, 1845

We used to live in a society where Christianity literally dominated the landscape. Our beliefs were reinforced almost everywhere we went.

Obviously this is no longer the case. We could spent time moaning about this, or we could get on with the job of adapting.

Our bishop is on a campaign right now for “discipleship” – helping new believers develop and deepen their faith, giving them room for questions, so they can talk about their faith with comfort. Well, a lot of longtime members have the same desire for themselves.

We heard that message during our Day of Discernment, when people spoke about the need for adult Christian education.

So here’s your opportunity to get in on the ground floor by joining a new Christian Education Committee.

You would help develop the kinds of programs you would like – but also to show some understanding of what others might like.

Where do you feel God is calling you to share your gifts in ministry? For these and any other ideas, contact any member of the Executive Team: Rev. June, Russ Braley, Mary Grant, Sandra Coulson, or Bill McKinstry.

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