Capital Campaign for Our Church Home – Launch, May 7, 2017

On May 7, 2017, we launched the Capital Campaign for Our Church Home.

Most of the work is needed on the roof, but as we discussed at the Vestry meeting on Sunday, April 30, two heat exchangers also need repair.

You will find more details in the campaign package distributed to church members. But let me give you a summary.

The roof and the equipment on the roof require $125,000 worth of work over three years. That includes the two heat exchangers.

We would also like to set aside $50,000 for future repairs so that we don’t have to launch an emergency campaign every time something goes wrong.

That adds up to $175,000. It’s ambitious, even scary. But it is in line with what other Anglican churches in London, in a similar income bracket to us, have achieved in recent years. We’re not talking about the cathedral; we’re talking about St. Stephen’s and Church of the Epiphany.

We’ve had an excellent start to our fundraising with the concert by Mark Payne and his friends from Victoria Playhouse Petrolia last Sunday afternoon. Added to savings we already had plus a couple of advance donations, and we already have $30,000.

So we are almost 25 per cent of the way to our current repair needs, or 17 per cent of the way to our total goal.

The campaign package asks for pledges over the next three years. So we have time to build up the fund.

Of course, these repairs are not being done for the sake of the building itself. They are being done in order to shelter and protect the programs and ministries that we do at Church of the Ascension and the people who attend them. Our stewardship of our building can never be separated from our life of love and service to our God.

So please give this your prayerful consideration.

Thank you.

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