Ascension Online Discussion # 1

So the roman Catholic church recently elected a new Pope. Since the Anglican faith is also Catholic (i.e. “worldwide”), what would you think if we were to start electing a single person to have overall power and authority to make decisions about the practice of your faith? Would it be a good thing or not? Why?

Let us know what you think, but please remember, all opinions have merit whether you agree with them or not.

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6 Responses to Ascension Online Discussion # 1

  1. Sandra Coulson says:

    OK, I’ll bite: No, not a good thing. God gave us all brains. Why would we turn over responsibility for such a broad area to others?

  2. Russ Braley says:

    Not a good thing at all. One of the strengths of the Anglican Communion is that it is a communion of independent churches, sharing the link of C of E origins. Who could possibly be trusted to have that kind of power and authority, not to mention the impossibility of one set of decisions being appropriate for Scotland, Ontario, Uganda, New Zealand …

  3. cecilmerriam says:

    I have to agree. I’m not sure exactly how much power the Pope has, but it must be alot. Can a Pope be impeached if he strays too far from established doctrine? As devoted, dedicated and devout a man might be, he is still just a man. As a man he is subject to misunderstanding, stubborness, arrogance and bad judgement. I assume he wouldn’t get to the position of being in contention unless he had a fair bit of control over these failings…but everybody slips once in awhile. I would hate to think church doctrine got changed based on a bad Monday morning decision. As much as making decisions by committee can be frustrating, it ensures everybody gets a voice.

  4. Diane Leask says:

    I have to agree with the top three comments and at the moment, cannot think of anything else to add to the discussion. Mondays can be bad.

  5. cecilmerriam says:

    Thinking about Russ’ response some more, I’m not sure that your global location should affect the basic tenets of the faith. There may be some regional differences in the way worship is presented but I don’t think the underlying belief system should change. My response was more about some of the big decisions that are forced on followers, e.g. ordination of women, birth control, same-sex relationships.

  6. Bill McKinstry says:

    There is no earthly entity that can tell me how to practice my faith. What I look for is a spiritual leader or leaders who is/are aligned with my faith journey. So I can not discount any source of that leadership or guidance.

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