Online Education Test

This is a test of the Ascension Online Education System. As part of our Intentional Faith Development program, we are going to be putting (hopefully) thought-provoking questions on the church website seeking meaningful discussion and possibly a learning experience. Besides being useful and insightful on their own, the results from these discussions will help us to determine what material should be presented during in-person sessions.

If you are coming to this topic from the website, please drop a comment for us to see that you came. If you came here from Facebook, please tell us that. We would like to carry on all discussion here on the website rather than Facebook, so we get the maximum exposure possible. We’re trying this out to make sure things work the way we hope before we get into the good stuff.

So, thanks for your time and I hope this works out.

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6 Responses to Online Education Test

  1. cecilmerriam says:

    Well, I got here okay. Did anybody follow me?

  2. Russ Braley says:

    Yup, I’m here too.

  3. Rae McDonald says:

    I’m here

  4. I’m here via Facebook, too — because notice of the Facebook posting showed up in my e-mail and my Facebook news feed.

  5. Stephanie Joselyn-Fogarty says:

    I am here through Facebook

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