Movie night, anyone?

I went to see The Hunger Games this week. Dramas with a kill-or-die dilemma are not usually what I like to watch, but there was a buzz around this one and I had a discount ticket, so I thought, “Well, if I waste my money, at least it will be a cheap waste.”

With that ringing endorsement, off I went. There was one scene where I thought, “Okay, not watching this moment.” But overall, I’d say it would be a good movie to get a discussion going. (I digress to say I’ve finally found a way to express that without some bad, bad pun such as “There’s a lot of food for thought in The Hunger Games” or “There’s a lot of meat there.”)

There’s the obvious issues of oppression and injustice that we see too often around our world. I also started to think about the ethics of entertainment. Panem’s Capitol is sickeningly obsessed with these games, but I wonder how far off we are as we cheer our way through this year’s particularly vicious NHL playoffs. What are the ethics, too, of a “reality” TV show that is quite manufactured? I was also struck by the view of adults through the eyes of the youth: feckless, self-absorbed. It’s not a youth rebellion, but a sense of being let down by adults. Interesting stuff.


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