Love for Thy Gifts

My parents normally complain around this time of year about me. See I have this well, “unique” outlook on presents. I ALWAYS love them all, even if it’s that pink pair of socks my grandmother gave me, even though I hate the color pink, or that horrible pair of pyjama pants that are so thick and insulated you could use them as snow pants.

     You may be asking why my parents complain then, right? If they could give me anything and I would be happy with it, then why complain. See, the real problem here is the fact that well, simply they’re my parents. Parents want to be able to give their child not something they’re just going to love, they want to give their child something they will cherish, something that the child has really, really wanted. Bonus points if the child didn’t even know they wanted it!

     The outlook on presents I have, sadly appear to be a unique outlook. I love every present I have ever gotten just based on the fact that someone took time out of their day. May it be an hour, a couple of hours, or just five minutes, they thought about me and they look at me as important enough to deserve a present. I find it sad to see that so many people become angry with presents they are given, or take presents back because they don’t like them. Yes, I wont lie, there are presents in boxes on top of my closet that  I haven’t used in a year, or more. But I would never dare take them back to the store, just because its not what I wanted. I didn’t like that pair of socks, or those pyjama pants. I have worn them though. After awhile those pink socks became practically white because of washing, and those pants, well they became sweatpants instead, not pyjamas.

            What I’m trying to say is look at your presents in a new light this year, look at them for what they are….a proclamation of a person’s love, a person’s care. So this year, when you get a present you don’t fully “want” don’t throw it out, give it a try…sooner or later it might just grow on you….heck I’m wearing those “pyjama” pants as I write this, and my legs are toasty warm.

Lisa Merriam

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