The Cormorant’s Blessing

I have been in Seattle for over a month now. I have been spending a lot of time walking beside Lake Washington. This is a 35 km long narrow lake that goes down the back side of the city (while the ocean in the form of Puget Sound is on the front). The kids’ neighbourhood has plenty of trees especially maples and they have been out in glorious colour – mostly yellow, but some reds. There is even a kind of tree that seems to have leaves that turn purple. On a sunny day it is a feast for the eyes. And there have been many sunny days

Around Seattle there is a range of snow-capped mountains the largest being Mount Ranier to the south. It is massive even from almost 100 km away. You cannot always see it but on bright clear days it is visible. A couple of times the clouds have been below its peak giving the impression that the mounting is floating on the vapours. Amazing.

Sometimes I find myself walking out on a public dock so that I can be surrounded by the water. When I stand there and relax I feel a grounding in my feet, a calming expansiveness in my belly, a warmth in my heart and a tingling in my head. I know then that God is in me and I am in God. It is real and powerful and peaceful. I raise my arms in an open embrace or a sign of blessing and I can feel eternity. It is beyond what I can ask or imagine.

One day as I was engaged in this communion a cormorant perched on a rock nearby and opened its wings in a reciprocal blessing. We stood, blessing each other for a minute or more. Here it was, another reminder that God is all around me and when I am open and observant I can find Her.

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