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A parish church in the Diocese of Huron and the Anglican Church of Canada
in London, Ontario, Canada
(formerly East London Anglican Ministries)

A sincere thank you for visiting our website.

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Are you seeking:

  • Meaning and purpose in life, where hope and love guide choices and actions?
  • A community of friends and fellowship where you can find support, care, respect and an opportunity to be heard?
  • Growth in faith and practical spiritual help for yourself and your family?
  • Ways to be of service to your community and the world for the sheer joy of giving?

So are we. Let’s do it together.


A Bit About the Website Design

  • The photo collage in the header at the top of each page is made up of close-ups of the hands of Jesus Christ from some of the stained glass windows in Church of the Ascension juxtaposed with the hands of members of the church in various activities: We are (left to right, top and bottom rows) praying, blessing, caring, creating, feeding, and learning — among many other actions.
  • The green background colour is the colour traditionally associated with the liturgical (i.e., church) season of Epiphany, through the mid-winter.
For more information on what is in this site, or to become a member of our parish and/or any of our groups and ministries, please contact the church office at 519-451-7780 or office@ascensionlondon.com, and you will be put in touch with the proper leader or clergy member. The website administrator is Sandra Coulson, who can also be contacted at office@ascensionlondon.com.